Make it Magical

We call it Social Innovation

Unlike other limousine companies, we're not selling "transportation", we're promoting an unforgettable experience! A memory, if you will. This "trip" is one they're going to talk about next week, next month and next year. It's more than a dinner out; a golf tournament; or a day supporting any one of our superb sports teams. We help make it a memorable occasion.

  • Are you getting engaged, or meeting parents for the first time? Let the memory begin at home!
  • Are you closing a deal, or hoping to put the seal on it? When our limousine arrives, they'll know you mean business.

Whether it's one of those rare family dinners (the family who eats together, stays together);

  • a day on the hills in Collingwood;
  • the Bala Cranberry Festival;
  • a Taste of the Danforth;
  • the last game of the semi-finals
  • her 19th Birthday
  • his Bar Mitzvah

Our drivers arrive on time and fully apprised of the occasion. (We think of it as Social Innovation!). We understand the magic that happens when we pick up Grandma to be escorted to her granddaughter's wedding. If you're looking to make someone feel special, or at all important, call us. It's just what we do! Make it magical

  • " This is to thank to all of you at Barrie Executive Limo and especially your driver, Don, for making my wife's retirement day so special. On November 15th at 7am, my wife Colleen retired from 37 years of Emergency Nursing. I had dropped her off the night before at GBGH in Midland. She thought I would return in our little Subaru, that we would get a coffee on the way home and then she would sleep having just finished a night shift. She was standing outside the hospital waiting for me when she saw a beautiful limo cruise into view. Her first thought was that somebody might have had a problem at the Casino and was arriving as a customer. "What fool would come to emergency in a limo?" Then I got out. Total shock! Don played it perfectly because he said, "It's a pretty big vehicle for two people." Then he opened the door and our three 30 something kids were inside. More shock, some champagne and a very happy ride home. The winter driving wasn't great that day. There had been a major accident on the 400, but somehow Don was at the house early. Enroute to the hospital for the pickup, the roads hadn't been plowed, but we still arrived at the hospital on schedule. I planned this several weeks in advance, so the bad weather was made me quite anxious. However, it all worked perfectly. Thank you for your easy arrangements, nicely appointed limo and Don, a very professional and distinguished driver. Colleen never did sleep that day. BRUCE "

    5 Stars
    Bruce Clark

Make it Magical